REDONDO at 1st Sister Projects Workshop for Safe and Sustainable by Design (SSbD) Operationalization
REDONDO at 1st Sister Projects Workshop for Safe and Sustainable by Design (SSbD) Operationalization

As part of the activities outlined in WorkPackages 6 and 7, ITENE and ISQ showcased REDONDO approach in the CL4 Sister Projects 1st Workshop for Safe andSustainable by Design (SSbD) Operationalization, co-organized by the foursister projects on October 19th. This workshop served as anopportunity to communicate our approach and share insights regarding the workdeveloped within the Project with professionals and thought leaders in thefield of safety and sustainability.

REDONDO, as a Horizon Europe project, aims toalign with topics such as safety and sustainability. Therefore, implementingthe SSbD framework is necessary. This stepwise methodology will enable us todetermine the specifications and requirements associated with the developmentof reversibly cross-linked polyethylene (rPEX) and its additives and elaborateand integrate health-risk and sustainability assessments of the producedmaterials and final products.

Alongside our Sister Projects SURPASS, ESTELLA,and REPurpose, REDONDO provided valuable insights to an audience with beginnerand intermediate knowledge on the SSbD Framework, including implementationpaths, anticipated challenges and strategies to overcome them.

The insights provided during the workshop will help new projects to havea clearer path when implementing the SSbD Framework developed by the JRC. Additionally, sharing these methodologies will contributeto a more standardized approach in assessing both health-risk andsustainability aspects.

Overall, the workshop had positive feedbackwith some topic proposals for future workshops, namely for data collection,tools used, and challenges in the assessment. Key areas for improvement includeproviding more extensive details on practical assessments and a deeperexploration of SSbD methodology and framework. The sustainability aspect of theframework keeps raising questions regarding the Life Cycle Costing (LCC) andLife Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodologies, and implementation approaches onthese two topics are also interesting subjects to cover in depth in futureworkshops. In addition to this, the participants expressed their interest inparticipating in interactive discussions, questions, and debates during futureworkshops.

REDONDO Project will keep a close eye on therest of the sister projects for further developments and collaborationopportunities on SSbD and other topics.

Stay tuned for the next workshop!