One of the two test-cases that will be studied in the context of the REDOND project is tubing for plumbing and hydronic systems. PEX accounts for approximately 60% of pipes, while other materials such as poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) or copper, are also used. The aim of REDONDO is to offer an alternative to these non-recyclable and, in some cases, toxic materials.

Three different diameter pipes (diameters Φ16 x 2 mm, Φ17 x 2 mm and Φ20 x 2 mm) will be produced from rPEX for heating/cooling applications. A preliminary rPEX formulation will be gradually optimised up to the production of fully functional demo parts, that will be evaluated against benchmarks that the company already produces. The pipes will be produced by extrusion, on apparatus that is already in use for the production of commercial PEX pipes.