Redondo is structured in 4 thematic axes that run across the different work packages of the project.

Safe & sustainable by design (SSbD)
  • Determination of the specification and requirements associated with the development of rPEX and its additives.
  • Health-risk and environmental assessments of materials, additives and final products.
Reversibly cross-linked Polyethylene (rPEX)
  • Synthesis and characterization of reversibly rPEX through S-C-S bonds (pipe applications) and via Diels-Alder reactions (cable applications).
Sustainable green and bio-based additives
  • Production of and modification biobased and green additives (nanolignin and nanocellulose) and incorporation in rPEX to further enhance its properties towards the specified end-use requirements.
Validation and Demonstration Activities
  • Production of masterbatches of rPEX and development of end-products with the novel rPEX materials and the selected additives for the two end-use applications in focus.